Learn about the diverse options of programs we have available at Texas Elks Camp on Texoma.

Conferences & Retreats

Texas Elks Camp on Texoma and Conference Center serves as a safe place to gather and get away.

The facility offers two conference centers, Beck Hall and Power Center, offering all of the modern conveniences needed for corporate retreats or interactive youth events complete with video projections and amplified music.

More than 150 people can stay in the comfort of our spacious lodging.

It’s best to use the button above to Plan Your Retreat.  You may also contact our Executive Director Sandi Creswell at 903-786-3148 Ext 1

(JOLT) Program

Journey on the Lake Texoma

The JOLT offers a wide variety of options for students in the 1st to 12th grades. The most common is the 3-day, 2-night environmental education program for 5th graders. This program is designed to give students an extended opportunity to take a journey and explore the natural wonders of Lake Texoma. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the unique adaptations of the plant, aquatic life, and animals that live in the area while taking part in classes based on the Texas State curriculum.